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 The Lighter Side!
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Alternative - Leftfield -  Fantasy - Absurd - Adventure - Dark - Autobiographical & more...

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Written and Performed
Kole Bird

A Call to the Stars

"There are billions of planets out there, whole new worlds, just waiting to be explored.

Trust me, this is one light- show you’re not going to want to miss."

Quirky! Sci-Fi  Adventure
Season One is
out now!
Rose-Marie Drabble


It's a perfectly ordinary day for Nicola Brown. The trains run late as usual, her colleagues are annoying as ever, and she’s working another tedious shift at teleshopping company Planetary Connections. It’s all a rather large inconvenience for her. Leonora Hale-Bopp, space punk incarnate, is stuck on Earth with an uncooperative universal remote control. When the two connect over a phone call they realize they could be the solution to each other’s problems. Their lives become intertwined forever, as their meeting in a coffee shop leads to the creation of a whole new reality.


... Is Psychic Surgery A Scam Too Far?

Sebastian has squandered his inheritance on a party lifestyle, and now he needs cash to keep the party going. With a world full of gullible people at his fingertips, psychic surgery seems like easy money – but can he get away with it?  


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This is a Public Cervix Announcement!

In the simmering womb-sack of the gestation laboratory aliens cook BABY!


From a single strand of DNA, a  bunch of clapped-out,  disembodied extra-terrestrials have created a fully grown human in a pink onesie!  Along with corrupted data about the human race they, and an abusive puppet-mother,  are sending  BABY! on the life-journey  - a  quest to find the indefinable “transcendental object at the end of time” but along the way BABY! will navigate occult eye-surgeons that look into your intimate dreams, Darkness the demonic singularity,  and doctors obsessed with rectal irrigation!`

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